Pictures of ducks and ducklings to make you smile. I believe in duckling therapy:)

Guess he was

Snowman: Hey you Donkey! Donkey: What? Snowman: What are you doing? Donkey: Eating a carrot, so? Snowman: It's my nose! Donkey: Then get a real nose! Not a carrot nose!

An adorable duck trying to stay awake.  Sounds like the ducks that i owned but he is definitely cuter!

Dexter the Baby Duck Tries to Stay Awake

A mother's love. Nobody will ever love you more than your Mother.  [babyduck5.jpg]

Our broody Indian Runner duck, Bluebill, hatched out one baby the day before Mother's Day. At one day old he was the cutest thing in the wor.

Ducklings:  Ready, Set, GO!!!

Duckling, Far Left: "Hey 'Donald' and 'Daisy' whatever do you think that IS crawling down there?