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Nitbälten - Suaja

Nitbälten - Suaja

July 3, 1778 – The Wyoming Massacre occurred during the American Revolution in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania. The Wyoming Valley was largely depopulated of white settlers after the summer of 1778. The massacre became an important propaganda tool for the patriot cause, forcing Gen. George Washington to appoint Maj. Gen. John Sullivan to lead a huge and carefully planned campaign against the Iroquois on the Pennsylvania and New York frontier in the autumn of 1779.

Ensign Downing's Escape - Battle of Wyoming July 1778 Supporters loyal to Great Britain approve of the Indian Massacres in the Battle of Wyoming. By Don Troiani

Alchise, 1853-1928, Chief White Mountain Apache (Western Apache). Indian Scout (Sergeant). Medal of Honor. - Photo by Edward S. Curtis, 1906 - (B/w copy)

Alchise - Apache (The North American Indian, v. Cambridge, MA: The University Press, by Edward Sheriff Curtis


Possibly Mohawk Indian (paternal): The Mohawks Who Built Manhattan (Photos).For generations, Mohawk Indians have left their reservations in or near Canada to raise skyscrapers in the heart of New York City.

Lakota virtues

Essential to balance and happiness, there are 12 Lakota Virtues that were a part of everyday life for our Native American ancestors. These are the 12 Lakota Virtues: Humility (Unsiiciyapi) – The first and most important step in life and especially on.

Alchemy, Isaac Newton, and the secret code of the number three

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Incredible, and still they don't have the right to vote!

Native America's Timeline, the last one about living anywhere they would like is alittle misleading since most stay on the reservations or nations for health care, family, lack of money to go anywhere else, many different reasons that the families are sti