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Laura Thompson - Senseless

This photographer talks to us about her latest project, Senseless, which reminds us to not be too over-connected in this technology-obsessed society.



Golden Beast by Troy Emery High-density taxidermy foam, PVC tinsel, polyurethane adhesive, steel rods

Troy Emery Golden Beast high-density taxidermy foam, PVC tinsel, polyurethane adhesive, steel rods, 205 x 60 x 70 cm McClelland Sculpture Surve.

european pagan rituals wilder mann charles freger 7 Charles Fréger

Eastern European and European Shaman Rituals Still Practiced Today. Wilder Mann by Charles Fréger

Pagan Winter Festival Costume

Pagan Costumes of EuropeThese photographs are part of the “Wilder Mann” series by French photographer Charles Fréger. He traveled through 19 European countries to capture what he calls “tribal.

*by charles freger, wilder mann

Wilder Mann photographer Charles Fréger book explores ancient traditions of…

It's Nice That : Photography: Charles Fréger's folkloric quest to discover the Wild Man in 18 countries

Charles Fréger’s resulting series, “Wilder Mann” is available in book form, titled “Wilder Mann: The Image of the Savage,” published by Dewi Lewis Publishing - a two-year journey through 18 European countries documenting still-practiced pagan festivals.

flores en el ático » El cuerpo como mecanismo

Rebecca Horn: Federkleid, 1972 (Feather Instrument) Silver gelatin print, printed 2000 Image size: x cm

Planeta está lleno de pueblos y culturas curiosas, tanto así que probablemente desconozcamos a la mayoría de estos grupos y sus inusitadas creencia...

Disfraces tradicionales y rituales paganos en Europa

Charles Fréger, Krampus, Bad Mitterndorf, Austria, From the "Wilder Mann" series © Charles Fréger

Charles Fréger visited eighteen European countries in search for the mythological figure named Wild Man. The transformation from man to beast or wild man is a key aspect of pagan rituals that celebrate the seasonal cycle, fertility, life and death. Every year throughout Europe from Scotland to Italy and everywhere between people adorn the skin of the 'savage' in masquerades that date back centuries.

Wilder Mann photographer Charles Fréger book explores ancient traditions of tribal Europe