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Truth. Running through the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books probably took me 4 or 5 months.... On 4 books?!

It has come to my attention that reading The Lord of the Rings is just one step below actually taking The Ring to Mordor on the time-commitment scale. But like taking the ring to Mordor, it is definitely worth it.

aladdin & les miserables mashup

26 Jokes Only Theatre Nerds Will Understand

(Les Mis and Aladdin! Fun Fact: This line in Aladdin was in reference to Les Miserables! Lea Salonga, who sung for Jasmine in the movie Aladdin, played Eponine on broadway.) IDK why but I laughed SO hard when I saw this!

I don't think he knows about second breakfast OR second Christmas, Pip.

Don't think he knows about second Christmas, Pip. Yes, I knew I loved hobbits! Second breakfast and second Christmas!

Some fun stuff for you :)

LOL. Look at this

OP - "One of the best things in the hobbit was Gandalf constantly counting the dwarves like an exasperated teacher on a school trip." One of the many things to love about The Hobbit - book or movie.

Can't wait

The LotR movies started at about 9 houts total, then the exrended edition came out and the length jumped out 4 hours each movie with a total time of 12 hours. Thats gonna be 24 hours total marathon when the extended Hobbit releases.

Awesome family.

That's neat, I guess

I wish my family is this awesome. Note to self: brainwash family with Tolkien.

This is probably only funny at certain times of the day when a person is very tired. No... It's always funny.


This is probably only funny at certain times of the day when a person is very tired.<-----I laugh every time!

My face will probably be stuck like this from now until i see it... and probably still after.

Rated because of Legolas's face? Legolas has a nice face. But this made me laugh!

Oh Pippin! :D

The lord of the Ring - "You bow to no one">>I'm like sure pippin was high for a good portion of lotr

Math pun alert...

Math pun alert

Sin(a+b) ------------- = Cos(a)Xcos(b) Tan(a)+Tan(b) In word form. Sin(a+b) divided by Tan(a)+tan(b) equals Cos(a) times Cos(b)

Funny quotes from the LOTR special features

The cast making fun of Orlando! Too funny. Although Viggo does admit it's a joke and that Orlando put up with the pain and continued working his best.

Aragorn and Hobbits

I get the joke, but at the same time, the mention of tall grass makes me think of Jurassic Park II and now I think the hobbits have been eaten by velociraptors.either way I'm happy cuz the LOTR movies make me sleepy


The leader of a pack of Uruk-hai from the Lord of the Rings and a terrified child. I don't care if my kids would cry, "You're GOING to have your picture made with this orc, damnit!