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Australian guy writes courteous letter to across-the -street neighbor to get him to turn off his terawatt floodlight. Hilarity Ensues. - Imgur

So worth the read! I died laughing, because I have a neighbor across the street with the same light (I sheetrocked over my windows). One of the funniest things I have read. This guy needs an award.

I should make a stack of these to carry around...

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits. Really wish I had a stack of these in my car to hand out,

This describes me so perfectly it's ridiculous.

My skills

Apart from the falling in love with people bit, i think the 5 times the serving size is the most true thing for me.

You had one job...  Love this one!

This is one of my biggest pet peeves, proper grammar and usage of the English language. For the record kiddos it should read you're the best teacher ever

Oh my gosh...this is freakin hysterical!!!

You look so familiar…

That would be awesome, if only I could say it and keep a straight face. hahaha I get told I look familiar all the time!so funny.

"Play the same song on repeat for days" phase.  Boy this is so true!

I have 3 moods: Skip every song on my ipod. 2 Let the music play without interruption. Play the same song on repeat for days.

Who doesn't love blonde jokes

BlondeThere were three blondes walking on a trail. The first blonde said, 'Those look like deer tracks.' The second blonde said, 'No, those are totally moose tracks.

just thinking about it makes you sweat

"That scary moment when you put a ring on your finger and can't get it off. It's going to have to be amputated this time for sure." I've done this a number of times.

Dayum! Am I?

This is exactly what I got

HOW did that just happen? My mind is blown. Oh my gosh! I seriously thought of Denmark, elephant, & grey! Why didn't I choose emu or egret & why didn't i choose i diff country.surely there is more countries that start with a 'D' besides Denmark!


I never thought of it like that...

One more episode, then I'll go to sleep.I'm watching Doctor Who. And every other TV show fandom of mine.

in the future

Fact: In the future I will tell my grandsons that I am older than the internet, and blow their minds forever. So true!

This is Me 2 A 'T'

There are some people in my life that need to understand what being an introvert really is.

Teenage post #5337

"Ever want to say IDK without sound stupid? Say this: I hesitate to articulate in fear I may deviate upon the highest degree of accuracy.