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Lawyer Flash on FB added a new photo.

favorite joke ever

I actually thought it said anal then I looked closer and saw it said amal XD

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Scarlett Johansson was spotted tumbling and falling while walking on the streets of Glasgow, Scotland. The photo has been photoshopped into several photos and they have become an Internet sensation. I knew it was Scarlett Johansson.

Laffy Taffy xd

Literally laughed out loud. XD I don't know what I was expecting but that highly exceeded my expectations.

I want to do this when I'm talking to somebody and they're not listening. I probably shouldn't, but I want to.

I hate it when people who say they are listening to you and don't honestly listen and then people you had no intention of talking to hear your entire conversation.

more like chaotic *awesome*

more like chaotic *awesome*

Difficult face swap…

Difficult face swap…

Funny pictures about Difficult face swap. Oh, and cool pics about Difficult face swap. Also, Difficult face swap.

Never see them the same again.  Luckily I live in south Texas where this doesnt happen much anyway :)

Luckily I live in south Texas where this doesnt happen much anyway :)

When I first learned Avagadro's number I accidentally called it Vadcas number and my friends kinda, just, stuck with it.

For a potluck in chem, my friend brought in guac that said Avagadro's Guacamole