I've realized I haven't drawn Eyeless Jack yet. Character not mine, the picture is though.

First Kagekao! Kagekao (c) GingaAkam --------------------------- status: school explode pls

hoodie and masky - Recherche Google

For the MaskyxHoodie fans You guys know that I don't ship Creepypastas/Marble Hornets but. I'll make an exception for f. Masky And Hoodie

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the-paper-pasta: “ Creepypasta by Popuche .:Please do not remove art credit!

Sensuales everywere ewe

Creepypasta - Hoody, jeff the killer, eyeless jack and masky finally a cp picture where jeff actually looks his age and not 18 or some shit)

awwwwh but the chica doll

Toby and Sally holding a Chica doll>>>>its chica the chicken from "five nights at Freddy's"