Ha true///I also love this song and Skillet:) << Monster is my ringtone!

too true

Funny pictures about Someone Else's Shower. Oh, and cool pics about Someone Else's Shower. Also, Someone Else's Shower photos.

Live music and theater in general does this for me.

Those who say money can't buy you happiness have obviously never bought front row concert tickets to their favorite band.

3 doors down  shinedown three days grace linkin park breaking Benjamin.... It's endless

3 doors down nickelback shinedown three days grace linkin park, my chemical romance skillet nightwish paramore.

Hero, Not Gonna Die, Awake and Alive, Sick of it, Falling Inside the Black, Whispers in the Dark, Savior, ect.....

And sing it! Awake and Alive Rise Comatose Whispers in the dark Looking for angles Rebirthing The Last Night Hero Better than drugs Yours to hold Lucy Freakshow .Must i go on i can name every song on their last 3 albums including the extra songs.