Northern lights over Inari Finland.

Northern lights over Inari Finland, Konsta Pulkka (Squirrel whisperer, Outdoor Photographer Based in Helsinki, Finland)


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Under the night sky Wonders of Nature. Aurora Borealis over Volcano, Iceland Milky Way Over Siberia Under the night sky - Celestial Fire.


Aurora show, northern Ogilvie Mountains, Yukon Territory, Canada - Midnight Magic by Marc Adamus

renamonkalou:  Aurora Moonset  ©   Cj Kale

Aurora Moonset by CJ Kale was photo of the day on January Earth Shots is a photo of the day contest celebrating the beauty and diversity of our planet.

amazing aurora borealis as seen in Finland

culturenlifestyle: “ Rare White Curtain Auroras Seen Over Finland Behold stargazers, this is not an art installation. These are actually stunning white Northern Lights in Finland. The stunning Aurora Borealis resemble a white curtain, which seems to.

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Northern lights in Tromso, Norway

Aurora Boreal in Tromso, Norway. One of my dreams is live in Tromso for a time and enjoy Northern Lights and the midnight sun. I have to see that once in my life.