Room Mate Pau Hotel, Barcelona - love the contrasting materials of the modern furniture and the internal mural of the skyline on the inside of the balcony wall!

The Oasis on Lake Travis, Austin,Texas. Looks amazing after the rebuild

The Oasis – Lake Travis, Austin, TX. What a view! The Oasis is a popular restaurant perched on a bluff 450 feet above Lake Travis in Austin, TX. Too bad there's not much water in Lake Travis!

Munich, Germany - was there in the 1970s, returned twenty years later to find Dollar Store on the platz!!!!

Munich, Germany~Munich is the capital and the largest city of the German state of Bavaria. It is located on the River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps. Munich is the third largest city in Germany, behind Berlin and Hamburg.

Four Seasons Buenos Aires, Argentina

Four Seasons Buenos Aires, Argentina

London Bar, abrió sus puertas el 23 de junio de 1910. Decorado bajo los más puros preceptos modernistas, se caracterizó desde siempre por acoger a los artistas de circo entre sus fieles clientes.

London Bar, Barcelona - a legendary bar which opened in It was frequented by notable people such as Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Joan Mir and Salvador Dal.

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bluepueblo: Robin Hoods Bay, Yorkshire, England photo via gregori enchantedengland: Ooooh we did go here! Well, not HERE in these people’s back gardens which is really very rude. Robin Hood’s Bay. It is very close to Whitby, on the coast of North.

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

The Oceanographic Museum - Monte Carlo, Monaco This monumental architectural work of art has an impressive façade above the sea, towering over the sheer cliff face to a height of 279 feet m).

Castello di Miramare.

Elegy on the Adriatic


View from Col. McCormick's office in Tribune Tower looking West along the river @ The Wrigley building The "Windy City" - Chicago, IL ~photo John Crouch

Buenos Aries Argentina

One of my dreams is to travel across South America. Argentina and Buenos Aires seem like perfection.

Ocaña Bar and Club in Barcelona,© Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre

Gallery of Ocaña Bar and Club in Barcelona / Ocaña - 1

Ocaña Bar and Club in Barcelona / Ocaña Ocaña Bar and Club in Barcelona / Ocaña – ArchDaily