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♕ yoυ're perғecт jυѕт нow yoυ are ♕ ⇻skylar149⇺

I have a long history with talking and laughing so hard you can't make a sound with other people during class without the teacher noticing but EVERY one else sees and is like "What. The heck.

Comfy pants

I would say sweatpants instead of yoga pants. Actually, seeing other women wear yoga pants as actual pants stresses me out even


Man that's deep, I mean of all the bread he could have burnt it was the garlic bread. *deeply breathes* I think we all need to take a moment of silence for those who have fallen.<<<that poor garlic bread.

Hoes Be Like lol

Yes Nicole you're a whore, god hates whores. You're a married mans gf.

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