I dont really like parties but I'm going with Kian so it should be fun

If I found a guy that was anywhere near how attractive Andy is. He's absolute perfection and effortlessly sexy

#AndyBVB #BVBarmy

I dont really listen to bvb that much anymore but i admire andy so much and what he and the rest of the band have done for their fans. Their all really amazing people

Andy Biersack. Black Veil Brides. I love how hes wearing a shirt with his wife's name on it! They are so precious together.

Andy biersack, singer (black veil brides) and hot as fuck. But has a pretty childish face

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"Never let anyone convince their way is better than your way" that I truly inspiring. Also, who can possibly be better than the WAY BRITHERS!

Andy fucking Black oh my god

Andy Biersack, is a cool singer for the band/group Black Veil Brides. Abbreviated as BVB. He is talented and writes good songs, which sound amazing. He is one of a few male singers that i like most.