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This is the rarest cat on earth--the Amur leopard. There are only 30 of these cats left.

Making her public debut Dec. this little Amur Leopard cub was born four weeks ago at Germany's Serengeti Park. Native to Russia's Far East, Amur Leopards are critically endangered with less than 40 estimated left in the wild.

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A snow leopard with a bit of sass.

The 40 Most Adorable Baby Animal Photographs Of 2013

Lasya, a wild snow leopard cub

Photos of Wild Snow Leopard Cubs

The endangered snow leopard has some allies in unexpected places. The leopards are being protected by hundreds of Buddhist monasteries on the Tibetan plateau, new research suggests.[Full Story: Surprising Ally For Snow Leopards: Buddhist Monks]


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adorable LILIGER cubs frolicking around the Novosibirsk Zoo in Russia, offspring of a male lion and a female liger

tigersandcompany: Snow leopard cubs (by Paul..Riley)

Facts About Baby Snow Leopard / Snow Leopard Cubs

ユキヒョウ : 動物園写真『晴れときどき雪豹』


Snow Leopard Cub ♥ Visit our Page -► ツ Wild Life With Amazing Nature ツ ◄- For more. Native to the Central Asian mountains, the snow leopard is a.