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Linprobable coup de Coeur

snow beauty winter cold Black and White beautiful white vintage trees black mirror dark nature travel forest retro escape free darkness wild fade deer fog Dawn haze tall antlers dusk hazy

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Really love the different textures in the tail and above the head. This would make for a beautiful tattoo with a but of redesigning to look more like a phoenix lol


STUNNING, Dark and Ominous.and it almost looks like a wee Tear is coming out of Corvidae's Eye. I can see the Artists name down in the Left Corner, but can't read it!

ave del paraiso

The Raggiana Bird-of-paradise (Paradisaea raggiana) The national bird of Papua New Guinea, indeed in 1971 this species, as Gerrus paradisaea, was made the national emblem and was included on the national flag.



Peacock is the symbol of immortality (even St. Augustine believed the peacock's flesh to have.