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Sunrise in Australia.I wish that I could travel around the world just photograghing God's awesome sunrises and sunsets!

Under a Southern Sun by Robert Charity on 500px

Under a Southern Sun . Egret at dawn in a tidal pool at Beachmere, Queensland, Australia -- by Robert Charity on

The Dance of the Twenty Count: 20 The Great Spirit

The Dance of the Twenty Count: 20 The Great Spirit

Day 4 - God created the sun, moon, and the stars to give light to the earth and to govern and separate the day and the night. These would also serve as signs to mark seasons, days, and years.

Live Like There Is No Tomorrow

To see a dolphin swimming and playing--NOT in captivity. ✮ Bottlenose Dolphin (tursiops Truncatus) Jumping out of the water in Puerto Vallarta

Fog and the misty sunrise ...

░░ Ïȵ৳Ꭷ Ƭɦҽ ᘻᎥʂ৳ ░░ ~~~ {“God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to performs” ― William Cowper}


-Beutiful Sunset - Caribbean Sunset - Amazing Sunset - Sunset over Guam, Pacific Ocean - Sunset Vines - Hangzhou, China T.