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I absolutely adore this little girl's Christmas Skirt.thinking I could adapt it for any holiday.hmmm who needs a holiday? This is a CUTE skirt!

I love this look, and it would be easy to do with a pre-made tee-shirt - Continued!

This site has some gorgeous toddler dress ideas and lovely fabric combo's! Also happens to be what I want to name my daughter, should I have one

DIY - Aprin

circle skirt, with shorter circle skirt on top Would make a great apron! Man, I need to figure out the circle skirt apron!

DIY Adorable Baby Shoes by kitty can-can

DIY Adorable Baby Shoes DIY Projects / Done in paper but for a doll's shoe could be done in felt, leather or vinyl.

Daintee Christmas Girl by dainteedesigns on Etsy

Hand made dress. Girls Chevron stripe peasant Dress Flowers by RebeccasOriginals, 26 Christmas pillowcase dress I think b.

"Adorable apron!" - yes it is, and if a little boy wanted it *most* mothers would refuse because it is for "girls." Only little girls are expected to play house and wear aprons like their mommies do. This generational influence of shaping behavior shows children that to deviate from the norm is also going against your parents.

How GREAT would it be to make an adorable apron to go with a little girls new play kitchen!

Cute girl's dress

Skirt on a tank top dress. icandy handmade: (tutorial) three-part harmony

Ruffle Skirt out of old t shirts!  /2012/01/ruffle-skirt-out-of-old-t-shirts.html?showComment=1327586308479#c1671676395768959881

Suburbs Mama: Ruffle Skirt out of old t shirts! The hubs has lots of old t-shirts, especially white ones.

Is this cut up skirts or old fabric?  I love the patch, I have some cool/weird cricket patches that would look funky

Reina de Cocina- Queen of the Kitchen- recycled apron Recycled from thrifted and gifted skirts, vintage trim, old and new ribbon. Pocketed with an extra long tie.

tiered Ruffle Skirt Tutorial. Love this. Have been looking for this and thinking of this idea for awhile. Have seen lots of these skirts out in the dept. stores for sale. I knew I could make them cheaper and cuter! Cant wait to try this one.

Quality Sewing Tutorials: Tiered Ruffle Skirt tutorial from Every Creative Endeavor

garderoba małej - szycie, szydełkowanie, na drutach na

garderoba małej - szycie, szydełkowanie, na drutach na

Toddler Ruffle Dress Sewing Tutorial

20 Minute Easy Ruffle Dress Tutorial Test: What I'm Making Monday - Baby Making Machine