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Please fans do it Ashton dont need this hate! He never did anything bad to any one! He loves his fans and my fellow Ashton girls do it for Ashton he dont need the hate!

Calum: What are you doing you're the drummer Get out

calum is looking so serious lik: ashton:*sings * calum: *thinking* I am so done with this band . haha i love these guys too much

Haha Ashton<<<<<Ashton is soo cute and smol and kawii and it's great and lovable and adorable and stupid sometimes but then there's Ashton in glasses and that just wipes out the whole human race

At first I though Calum was wearing a sombrero in the second picture.

I am a small blonde boy. So you're Miley?

But can you imagine the day that Ashton finally decides to twerk? People will lose it. Mountains will crumble. Fandoms will fall. People will not be able to handle the hilarity of ashton irwin twerking. >> lol "im a small blonde boy.

Ashton's is so flipping adorable. I just can't

HAPPY half BIRTHDAY BOO have some of your favorites for dinner spaghetti and banana icecreAm