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Facts About Finding Nemo! MY FAVORITE PIXAR MOVIE EVER!!!! :D I actually knew some of these. Totally worth reading

Facts About Finding Nemo! some of it is very interesting. finding nemo is my favorite movie of all time also.

Finding Nemo Facts. Also in the scene where Nigel flies in the dentists office Boo's mobile can be seen.

Funny pictures about Facts About Finding Nemo. Oh, and cool pics about Facts About Finding Nemo. Also, Facts About Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo... can't wait for Finding Dory! (Wouldn't this be a fun twist on teaching summarizing of books or movies? Over-exaggerate?)

How to describe Finding Nemo when you want people to think you were watching a grown up movie. Now I want to watch Finding Nemo.

This is one of my favorite parts in the movie. Now I pretty much only say escape the way Dory says it :)

Thanks to Dory, whenever I see the word "escape", in my head, I say "es-ca-pé". This would be a great scene to teach kids how to pronounce a word the way its spelled. so they don't have to ask me how to spell it all the time.

Finding Nemo.  Squishy!

I used to absolutely love Finding Nemo. Dory taught me so much. Every time I watch Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, I learn something new from her and it makes me love the movies even more than the last time I watched them.

They copied it, somebody already did this

They copied it, somebody already did this

Except for stinkin' dolphins. Dolphins, YEAH! They think they're so cute! Look at me I'm a flippy little dolphin let me flip for ya!

I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fishes are friends, not food.

Just keep swimming.

Which Character From Finding Nemo Are You?

While we wait for the highly anticipated sequel 'Finding Dory,' why not test our knowledge on the characters of 'Finding Nemo'?

Finding Nemo shirt <3 I need this so freaking badly!!!!!!!! :D

Kern, Baby, The perfect gift for ad school students and grads, done in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Printed on Skreened T-Shirt

Finding Nemo sweatshirt. Don't touch the butt...too cute

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