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From public toilets, to cheap places to eat, or fashion tips, this website is a gold mine of information for prospective Paris- visitors .

Some of the best apps to have for a travel to Paris...

Paris apps

Some favorite apps for Paris, for visitors and people using iPhones for Paris Travel.

After being lucky enough to have visited Paris a handful of times, I was pretty sure I had seen and done the best the city had to offer. Eiffel Tower? Check. The Louvre? Check. But, as I discovered on my most recent trip to the City of Light, there is so much more to the city than those mainstays of Parisian tourism

Hidden Paris

there is so much more to the city than those mainstays of Parisian tourism - See more at:Adrienne Pitts for Passion Passport:

Travel Tips: Packing for Paris, Summer Edition » L'Amour de Paris || Romantic Parisian Portraits in the City of Love

Featuring travel tips, hotel and restaurant recommendations, suggested tours and activities, as well as romantic portraits of couples in the City of Love.

Great list of movies to see before you go to Paris to get you in the mood.

10 essential movies TO WATCH before going to PARIS

They say life is like the movies, with its dramas, funny moments and cheesy lines.

15 Surreal Places in Paris. I list some amazing locations to add to your adventures. Be Prepared To Be A Little Freaked Out. Do not hesitate to share to your friends http://www.talkinfrench.com/15-surreal-places-paris/

15 Surreal Places to Visit in Paris

A Foodies Guide to Paris via Plum Deluxe

Foodie’s Guide to Paris

Foodie’s Guide to Paris - Can't Wait to add Paris to my "Places I've been" board.

packing tips for travel to Paris

Packing Tips for Travel to Paris

Paris is the City of Light, City of Love and fashion capital of the world. Beyond your passport--and, of course, your camera, as every corner of the French capital is photo-worthy--there are items to .

Jardin des Plantes | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Jardin des Plantes | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Affordable small hotels in Paris

Affordable small hotels in Paris

Paris is such a fabulous city, next time you're there follow this path to for a lovely walk and take in all the sites!

Take a Walk Through Paris

A Complete Guide to Visiting Paris: Walking Around the City. (Self guided walking tours are great!