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Calum looks good<<< I find it funny that Mikey isn't much different<<< I like how everyone is being serious punk rock while Ash is smiling like he saw an angel, totally ruining the punk rock image ❤️

Luke speaking French onstage in Paris<<<<< cutie

Luke attempting to speak French.

HEY GUYS I WAS WONDERING WHAT ALL YALLS FAVORITE SONG OFF THE NEW ALBUM IS? my fav is English Love Affair closley followed by Mrs. All American and Good Girls are Bad Girls please comment! :)

I will hunt each and every single twenty eight of you down until I find one that acts exactly like their duplicate!


This is so cute. Oh my gosh look at Ashton's adorable DIMPLES. My fricking life line right here

I am sad but a I am happy for the boys

It seems like the new fans are already getting the attention we've wanted for years in days or weeks

I like the period at the end of each one like, period, end of discussion, no ifs, ands, buts, or ors about it.

Rip in if you're in the fan. And is the guy carrying Luke?

Mmhhmm sure Luke/ luke is like hecka tall

Mmhhmm sure Luke/ luke is like hecka tall//what a lie, lukey.

Bringing this back because I love it.

Oh my gosh xD I love them! They are amazing/super nice people!

"@MaijaKoko: 5SOS slayed puberty like WTF #5SOSFamPuberty "

🐰🦋‏ MaiKo ♡♡♡ on

remember kids, be nice to the outcasts.



Michael's DM to a fan after she said she doesn't have any friends omg I love him

Awww Michael DM'ed this to a fan who said they had no friends. So sweet

So 5sos still doesn't know whether it's Hi or Hey...>>>best thing ever. I love these 4 idiots so much

So still doesn't know whether it's Hi or Hey.>>>best thing ever. I love these 4 idiots so much<<< isn't the hi or hey thing from when they say "hi/hey, we're 5 seconds of summer"?

The boys posted on fb<<< THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING<<<Yassssss<<<<<Helll yeeaa...i like iron luke

The boys posted on fb Ik ben captain america deal with it - Mirte

You can have him...i prefer these babes XD

Alex from Target.or from Target?--- I prefer Ashley, Hebert, Daniel, and Oscar.

Hahahhahahhahahahahhahahahshhahahahsgdbvjdhfubdbeicjhehwkvr jsofbvrheuy*tears* I can't

Makeup looks better on them than it does on me.

#imagine ordering pizza and having these fools knock at your door

"yo we're gonna stand here all dope with mega huge pizzas, come and get it ladies" - luke hemmings "what's going on i couldn't care less" - calum hood>>>>>>first of all the only thing they would be getting is me stealing their pizza.