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continuous line, might make an interesting computer art or ipad project...

TSP Art Two hands, one loop From a distance, it appears that Adam's finger and God's finger have just broken contact. Yet from up close, it becomes apparent that they are connected. The entire picture is comprised of a single black loop.

celtic knotwork & design "tutorial 3" : beautifully laid out resource {Andrew Davis / Dweran, deviantART}

celtic knotwork & design "tutorial : beautifully laid out resource {Andrew Davis / Dweran, deviantART} This looks so much easier then just free handing it!

Advanced Embroidery Designs - Celtic Redwork Set.

Online center for machine embroidery designs. On this site you can find machine embroidery designs in the most popular formats, with a new free machine embroidery design each month. Free embroidery projects, tips and tutorials are also available.


By placing lines at various distances from one another, the image gets more structure and gives the illusion of a body. A variation in width gives more dimension to the image and illustrates a sense of realism.

tumblr_kzmi0qX40S1qazj6vo1_500.jpg (280×750)

These optical illusions require precise geometric measurements to make and they all show a resemblance to some shape or shapes. They are each unique in their individual design.

Linea – Line Illustrations by Marcos Bernardes

Linea – Line Illustrations by Marcos Bernardes (WE AND THE COLOR)

Linea - Simple Graphic Line Illustrations. Marcos Bernardes is working as a graphic designer, illustrator, and toy designer in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Web Design Freebies — Infinity - Free Space Icons

Infinity - Free Space Icons (Font) more space doodle tattoo ideas!