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COMPLETED: December 2016 (Disney)  Does Six Flags Safari count?

Top Tourist Attractions in Tanzania

Your Bucket List.


i will bungee jump off a bridge over water before i die

Finally made it there! So beautiful!✔️

Finally made it there! So beautiful!✔️

It's too late in life for this. But it's cute.

Id love to see my best friends married to good, God fearing men, and have lasting Christ-centered marriages!

Ride an elephant in India.

This is a long life dream of mine because I have always wanted to go to india someday and ride on an elephant.

Step one: Learn to ice skate. Step two: Skate at the Rockefeller Center


Inspiring picture before i die, japan, tokyo, travel. Find the picture to your taste!

Ive always tried but quit. Because I cant write!!

I have been told a few times I am to write a book. So I guess it should be on my bucket list.