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Tokyo, Japan One of many Japanese cities I long to travel in for an extended period

View of Mount Fuji from Higashikurume station.  Higashikurume, Tokyo, Japan

View of Mount Fuji from Higashikurume station, Higashikurume, Tokyo, Japan, photograph by Hiroshi Ookura.


The Nachi Water Fall is 133 meters high, 13 meters wide, and has a water flow of one ton per second. This is actually the highest waterfall in Japan and the object of the worship in the Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine.

Il y a énormément de choses que j'aimerais faire dans ma vie, comme visiter…

Tokyo - Piss Alley - Memory Lane - Shinjuku - Japan Tokyo is a city that excels…

Famous Bamboo Forest at Arashiyama Mountain in Kyoto, Japan   |  19 Reasons to Love Japan, an Unforgettable Travel Destination

19 Reasons to Love Japanan an Unforgettable Travel Destination

tokio tumblr photography - Buscar con Google

Be someplace new. And it actually make me fall a tears, when the image says Tokyo, coincidence and it was a wonderful trip ever with my 3 friends. Whimsical GIFs That Will Make You Want To Go Somewhere New)

✨Osaka 大阪市

Osaka City at Night, Japan. This street is especially enhanced by the lights of the signs, creating reflections in the water.

Tokyo Skytree: the world’s largest telecom tower in Tokyo, Japan © Joe Hsu via Flickr 東京スカイツリー

Tokyo Skytree: the World's largest Telecom Tower

Tokyo Skytree: the world’s largest telecom tower in Tokyo, Japan .dreaming of Lotus Tower in Colombo Sri Lanka

Shop in Historical Bikan Quarter ~ Kurashiki City, Japan

Okayama Prefecture - lestaylorphoto

Retro filter feel. Neon like font.

The people are eager to learn and teach any and everything they can. I taught English and learned Korean as a hobby during my time there.