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Look at Raven and Starfire. Also, I can see Robin falling asleep doing this, it's so instinctive, and Beast Boy taking the shape of a monkey a few seconds in.

Teen Titans GO! — comicweek:  TEEN TITANS #2 Art and cover by JONBOY...

“Damian Knows Best” part two! Ra’s al Ghul’s forces make their move! But are Damian and the newly assembled Teen Titans ready to take on such a deadly threat? Written by BENJAMIN PERCY Art and cover b

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There we go Beast Boy. In the 4 part episode season finally, The End, Robin WAS the person there the whole time for Raven. Some one needs to add Donkey.

You are Here --> Page 2 A little comic I've been working on... The colouring took forever, which is why I hardly colour my comics. But I've been practising my colouring skills in hopes of gettin...

I have had a lot of bbrae feels with a certain theme so guess what I'm doing because there is literally no fanart or comic for this theme that I could find   bb rae cy(C)DC comics glen murakam.