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Tamaryna lwia

There are 423 species besides us in the primate order, each of them currently existing and doing something, and we can't ignore them forever. Today, we bring them some rare attention by hosting the first annual Primate Awards.

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Two inquisitive baby northern saw whet owl chicks are pondering whether a colorful spiny caterpillar would make a good snack. Baby Saw Whet Owls and Saddleback Caterpillar

Family love

Mother Orangutan and her Twin Babies, by JC Valencia Orangutang, Orangutans Families, Pongo

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The crowned sifaka is an awesome but endangered species from western Madagascar. It's threatened by habitat loss.

Coquerel’s Sifaka This little guy is a lemur and lives in the forest of Madagascar off the coast of Africa. This species of lemur, as many others, is Endangered and is only protected within two areas of Madagascar.

This little fat and fluffy Roller Bird looks like a kindergartener painted her - so pretty!

beautiful lilac breasted roller look at those colors and all that fluff! gives us Blessings All The Time People Don't Just Look Around And See…I think of the people pure of heart are to see these beautiful birds…thanks for sharing…Mitzi… :)


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Japanese dwarf flying squirrel

"Momonga" The Japanese dwarf flying squirrel; Nihon momonga) is a pygmy flying squirrel, beautiful large eyes and a flattened tail. It inhabits sub-alpine forests in Japan and is nocturnal, This cutie can leap from tree to tree using a gliding membrane.

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