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Gold chains for men can be worn as bling or as discreet jewelry pieces depending on the style. They are a popular fashion statement but are also used to wear religious ornaments and other pendants. Finding the right gold chain can be challenging since.

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“Take your broken heart and make it into art.” - Carrie Fisher (to her friend Meryl Streep)

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Express Your Sense Of Style With Jewelry. Jewelry is a topic many are passionate about, whether it is for personal use or for a loved one. With such a big variety of jewelry and specific ways to ca

In stock at our London Store solid 9t Gold Skull with wings with rubies set into the eyes, 4mm plain band, Soaring Eagle, Band of Skulls, Double Headed Open Band, 3D Skull Ring.  Pop into store to have a look or call us on 02074399357

In stock at our London Store solid Gold Skull with wings with rubies set into the eyes plain band Soaring Eagle Band of Skulls Double Headed Open Band Skull Ring.

Tell me Atlas, what is heavier: the world or its people's hearts / Milena, she/her, 16

Gold layered necklaces

WEEKEND MIX (They All Hate Us)

The shirt, and the layered necklaces. This is immediately skyrockets to the top of my 'spring looks' list, along w/ the hermes scarf.

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