The tartan bonnet orchid (Cryptostylis erecta) also attracts the Thynnid wasp instead of doing its own pollinating.

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This Miltonia orchid, called a Pansy Orchid for obvious reasons, is the latest addition to our collection .

Bulbophyllum posticum

Bulbophyllum posticum

Fotografia: Ronald C. Flores no Flickr.

After an intensive session researching and writing on my computer, I needed a break. I grabbed my camera and focused some new blossoms on this vanda orchid. The partial backlighting helped it stand out for my macro.

Orchid: Masdevallia yungasensis - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Masdevallia yungasensis - These sound pretty easy in a colder house! Low light, good humidity and air flow, and doesn't need to be too moist!


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