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loch ness monster mystery: SOLVED.

lochness monster The secret is out. elephant with lochness on trunk swimming underwater

Which body does the camel head belong to?<<< tis an allpaca. get your facts straight

Here, we are presenting some cool and funny optical illusions for you. What makes optical illusions so interesting is that it always leaves you perplexed and questioning about your eyesight. You keep thinking about the photograph and wondering if it is re

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Never give up frog picture with a little frog struggling not to be eaten by stork. Funny never give up picture with frog and stork cartoon of don't ever give up.

No argument is valid coming from a dumb broad who is trying to defend her boyfriend who has cheated on her 4 times and fools her into thinking it's her he loves XD he don't love you bitch, he just don't wanna lose his child and his house. Don't be proud. He still thinks you're little miss attitude with a drinking problem and bad hair lol. You're a fool -Emily

Are You And Your Partner Meant To Last?

Funny pictures about From the bottom of my heart. Oh, and cool pics about From the bottom of my heart. Also, From the bottom of my heart.

Não destrua o futuro com problemas do passado. (Frases para Face)

Não destrua o futuro com...

Passado para trás Eu própria o direi O presente para se viver O futuro esperarei!