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The funny thing is this is exactly how my family is.no one says shit to my fac but when they think its safe they talk shit.but guess what i hear it and find out about it.

So True!  SOOOO TRUE!!!!

I refuse to apologize for being a bitch. No one has ever apologized to me for treating me like shit and bringing the bitch out in me. It's so fucking true!

I know that's right.

The people who talk the most shit about you, also pays you the most attention. Ain't that the truth!

Cool Quote | I don't owe anyone any explanations for why I do the shit I do!

I have never questioned the fucked up shit you've done so no I don't owe anyone an explanation for my life choices.we all human living this crazy beautiful thing called life;


Love this quote! Humble enough to know I'm not better than anybody wise enough to know that I'm different from the rest.

I'm sorry if you don't like my honesty, but to be fair i don't like your lies.

Inspirational Quotes: Im sorry if you dont like my honesty. but to be fair I dont like your LIES ((HATE a liar!)) Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description Im sorry if you dont like my honesty. but to be fair I dont like your LIES ((HATE a liar!

Never have actually. But I would be polite  remove myself from the sour situation. After my mom died I don't even have the desire to be polite. Will just tell you take a flying leap. #personalitychange

I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations. I no longer have the energy required to care about things I don't care about.


Here's what's wrong this quote. Being perfect doesn't mean you have to look flawless in the physical aspect. Yes, I'm not perfect. That doesn't make me ugly. Your beautiful heart makes you perfectly imperfect. Not having a flatter stomach, etc.

I'd rather...

I'd rather have an enemy to admit they hate me, instead of a friend who secretly puts me down

I say this all the time !!!!

I wish this often about a couple of people I know. I can't believe I let them into my life. My life would have been easier and better had I not. But oh well. At least I learned some important and valuable lessons

Now it's all about me, just like it was and it's been all about you for how long?  Oh wait. No, I can't tell. I don't know for certain when you started cheating on me (2012) with the old hag (55+) you are now fucking.  And if you think you are special because she's been courting you for so long...? NEWSFLASH: Evidently, she only did when she was bored and didn't have anyone else to cheat on her husband with.  But you got her in full now... KARMA has taken over for me!

"If I really was a bitch, I'd make your live a living hell, but instead, I'll just sit back & watch you do it yourself.