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Feminism is for everybody(+)

I bought this stellar wreath with this bell hooks quote that I love from gracedchin and it arrived today!

Chakra Balancing Meditation ~ Light and Love Reiki Therapies.


What is Reiki? The Short Version ~ Reiki is a relaxation technique that can help reduce stress, fatigue, physical pain, and many other ailments and dis-eases of the body. It is given by a Reiki practitioner that channels Universal Energy through.

I just realized that I've always had a problem with letting people walk over me in conversations. After reading this post I decided that I'm going to make a proper effort to make myself heard. Thank you, random internet people, for your advice ❤️

Literally practice saying these until you sound confident and unstoppable!

Be Mine / Violet Tinder Studios

Something Sweet, Something Sparkly // Wallpaper Download

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A woman's work is never done!

11 Badass Feminist Posters Guaranteed To Empower And Inspire

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When you feel your energy field getting muddled, cleanse it with Himalayan Salt rocks. Himalayan salt bath benefits include detoxifying, moisturizing and pain relief.

Viajar é só uma oportunidade

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