I swear to God, they all plot the death our fictional characters over lunch. "Veronica Roth" liked this.

Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson-this is so true

Veronica Roth is in the last square, she just took a picture without flash in a dark room.

Clary and jace....that broke me when I found out they were related....I still ship it but in an awkward way now....

Ron-beat the friend zone. Percy-beat the cousin zone. Jace-beat the brother zone. Gale-doesn't like this joke.

Sam finally snaps....i don't even care that repined this 4 million times

Sammy totally ships it.

Let's go cry now?  Okay?  Okay?  Nothing is Okay!!!!!!!!

All the fandoms- The hunger games, The host, The Mortal Instruments,TFIOS,percy jackson and harry potter

Yup pretty much how is goes

Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, J. Rowling, Cassandra Clare, John Green and Rick Riordan.

Harry potter, hunger games <3, divergent

What books taught me.

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"Multi-Fandom" by ❤

Oh yeah - uncle rick

*stifled laughter* XD oh my gods Uncle Rick XD


John Green playing at being Veronica Roth. And various other evil authors.

isso sim é cosplay... hehehe

isso sim é cosplay.

John Green ;)                                                       …

My favorite writer John Green :)

That was so me when I watched it with my friends who mostly hadn't read the books

I watched the movie first so I tot it's cool and amazing,, but when i read the book. I learned that the movie sucks.


Even John Winchester would've hated John Winchester. <<< I've been saying this for ages. << John Winchester is such a dick tbh

Excuse you.

Killing off main characters shows god writing skills. <-- Not sure if that was intentional or if it was supposed to be "good" instead of "god". Regardless, I'm keeping it cause as a writer I am the god of my characters' worlds.

Yes. Does it comfort anyone else that a 26 year old rapper/musician/a whole crap ton of other stuff, is coloring?

Tyler knows true hardship