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Willie Smits: How to restore a rainforest.  My TOP Ted pick..I believe if we all thought like him: merging modern resources and science with nature and compassion for humans and animals we could make the world a lush living heaven for everyone...this man is absolutely brilliant and a hero.
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Willie Smits interview - tosi hyvä!
A push to farm smarter – not bigger – to feed the world's hungry - CSMonitor.com

A push to farm smarter – not bigger – to feed the world's hungry

Orangutan survival is seriously threatened by palm oil plantations. (IPS Photo/Kafil Yamin).  Masarang arenga- palmusokeri on oikea vaihtoehto tälle! Länsimaiden tarve biodieselille on tämän takana, ei se, että ruuaksi kasvatettaisiin palmoöljyä.
Some people think the "plant based whole foods diet" is extreme. Half a million a year will have their chests opened up and a vein taken from their leg and sewn onto their coronary artery.  Some people would call that extreme."  Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn  Forks Over Knives

The Extreme Diet

HS: Ruokavaliosta löytyi yhteys masennukseen
Lähiruoka ei palloa pelasta. - Tiede.fi