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One Direction

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Love these boys till the end ♥

thats so cool.....only pin this pic if you are a DIRECTIONER

There is force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results. This photo reminds me of when I held fire in my hands without getting burned!

#directioner forever

#directioner forever

Directioners! @Jeff Rubio Payne @Sabbir Hafeji Malik @Angela Bertasson Tomlinson @Niall Dunican Horan @Harpreet Singh Styles I really do love you guys :)

A shout out to Styles, and many more awesome directioners!

I feel so sad... Like I know he's gone and I feel horrid and like we're at the end of an era, but it also seems like he'll always be a part of ouur fandom and lives

whoever threw that paper ya mums a hoe on

This promise will never gonna broke! This promise is a directioner promise! I promise to not forget this memories from the boys!

you know you ARENT a directioner when you have no idea what the jank this is until you get to the last word :P

you know you ARENT a directioner when you have no idea what the jank this is until you get to the last word :P>>>except i dont use laugh like Niall because i read somewhere he didn't like it so instead i use LNL, or Love Niall's Laugh

Once a Directioner, Always a Directioner❤️

Once a Directioner, Always a Directioner❤️<<<< forever and always

Stages of Summer as Told by Hot Guys

Stages of Summer as Told by Hot Guys

I knew about the boys before WMYB. but it still feels like i had been friends with them forever when i first found out about them :)

Proud! But honestly this just puts into perspective how many of us there actually is! Like wow

Just imagine if the whole of our our fandom were to meet somewhere!<<<< To be honest? I think it would push at least the people of a small sized country out.

Awwww one of my non directioner friends sent this to me saying "btw this is you." and I about cried.....

All of you are perfection and don't you EVER doubt it. I truly do not think I would be here without my amazing Directioner Family and the boys!

I have watched all X Factor season 7 episodes for them. Now I can admire how far they've gone, how much they've grown, and how little they've matured

One Directions X Factor Songs and Their Songs on their albums and tours

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Create Directioners New Theme!

No matter who is in and who is out, the family sticks together. A tour is a tour, but you can't separate family, it's impossible. #MAGCONFAM

They're still a family but it stinks not seeing them together that much anymore! We all still love Magcon but we need the original Magcon family!

Seeing my babes this weekend on Sunday

Real Directioner right here :). HEY U! R U A DIRECTIONER! Cuze if U R. can u comment bellow, cuze I wanna try and find as many fellow Directioners out their on Pintrest. :D verified directioner here