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Onnistain on puolet sinun

Onnistain on puolet sinun

You really think that YOUR cat is more talented than MY Whiskers????  Black Cat Auditions - Hollywood, 1961

Hollywood audition for black cat, 1961 Love It! I'd totally take my cats to an audition.if I could just get them on a leash.

This would be perfect! Enclose the bottom and you can hide a litter box.

Inspiration for Diy cat project -- a Bed Wine-Crate Cat Condo, with Cat Scratcher .

::::: Mono Magic (no nudity) ::::: by kristinmcnulty

I really like black and white photos. This photo is definatly something I would take because it has animals and it's black and white.

Ruimte voor de kat(tenbak) onder de trap!!

Have a unused space under stairs - or a nook - and also have cats? Why not do something like this, and put their litter box in there (just don't forget the door handle to open it) design-for-pets

integrated tree

I love this cat tree. Check out the kitty portal through the top of the wall. I like the cozy kitty cottage vibe of this setup. I thought this was a book shelf. Love it as a cat stand also.

I spy Mr Licks

25 Dreamy Images Shot Wide Open

What an excellent picture here. The color and focus on this cat's eye is intense.

Kayan yazı yeşil panel .http://www.kayanyaziimalat.com/

The bright green eye of the Russian Blue. So beautiful. This is why I want a cat.

Can't say I'm anywhere near *this* committed, but super effin' cool, nonetheless!

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Cats Toys Ideas - Art On Sun: Amazing cat furniture will have your cat climbing the walls and ceiling - Ideal toys for small cats

Relax... Gods got this!

Sunday in the park. It's such a nice warm sunny day for a park nap!

cat's we love this.

Maybe this would keep them off the entertainment center and counter Tricia's Cat Playground Ideas. I have that cat tree I'm dismantling.