If you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet, you’re seriously missing out. Pinterest gives every collegiette™ amazing D.I.Y crafts to turn your dorm or apartment from drab to fab. It also has some great pointers for spicing up your wardrobe. The D.I.Y section is easy, fun, and makes for great gifts you can craft for your friends’ birthdays on a starving college student’s budget. Here are some of HCIU’s favorites.

HCIU's Favorite D.I.Y Crafts From Pinterest

Magnetic strip inside medicine cabinet to hold bobby pins. Maybe now I'll stop fining them all over the house.

eclectic bedroom by katharine

Funky bedroom- lots of color. Love the huge bolster pillow, patterned drapes, coral dresser & silhouettes over the bed. For guest room

My ultimate holy grail for freshman year! Get a syllabus of all classes, sit down, and make a excel file of all the due dates of all classes combined for the semester!

Organized Charm: How to Create a Semester Assignment Spreadsheet This is perfect! This keeps me on track EVERY semester.

emergency kit for your purse that everyone should have.

Little Emergency Kit (great idea - not just for the car - but for college dorm room). College Emergency Kits for boys vs girls?