Another pinner said: There is an envelope laminated for each assignment due. I started with ten. I can just write the activity on the envelope and the kids go there to turn it in. Then they check off their name on the back. So I know exactly who didn't turn it in. It also makes things so much easier to grade!

laminated envelope with assignment written on front, checklist of student names on the back. Students turn in their assignment and check off their name on the back

We had two snow days last week!  Can I get an A-MEN? So my lesson plans are a little different next week but I am leaving my stations the same.   We expect more snow this week and I suspect we will be out again.   Brace yourself… this post is LONG!   Anyhow, during...Read More »

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Need an easy classroom management tool to reward students? How about Classroom Reward Coupons? My students LOVE these Reward Coupons! I love them, too! Make your life easier with 62 Fun, Easy, and virtually FREE (all but four) Classroom Coupons.

Classroom Management

Classroom management tool - It can be soooo time consuming to answer the questions.Can we use markers?, Do we turn this in?, Is this a talking activity? I love using these assignment choice signs to answer those questions without me doing the work.

Create fake text to display your morning message to your class each day

This is a stellar idea! Create fake text to display your morning message to your class each day. This would definitely get their attention.


awesome binder with full year plans, daily plans, assessment and grade sheets with standards classroom-management-organization

FREE! Nice Notes! Positive Notes for Students!  Need a BIG stash of these on my desk for easy access!!

I created these nice notes to send home with students when they pass a reading story. It serves two purposes - to celebrate the students' success house design home design decorating interior design 2012 design