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When guys ask me whether I missed them when they were on vacay..the only reason I am working today even though my kids are sick is to work with the director of a  successful department on reports and becuz she is strict and a go getter..can learn something from her

The Many Faces Of Tony Stark

I feel like I remember watching this interview on Disney channel years ago

"Things just go missing." Haha Calum Worthy and Robert Downy Jr.

“Things started to change when I met my life partner, Mrs. Downey. She told me, ‘I’m not doing that drug dance with you. I’m drawing a line in the sand here.’ She was absolutely clear about it. That doesn’t mean that other women, business associates, movie directors, insurance companies, judges and law enforcement hadn’t been clear about it too. It was that, before I met Mrs. Downey, I just didn’t give a goddamn. What changed is that I cared.” - Robert Downey Jr

“Things started to change when I met my life partner, Mrs. She told me…

Have you seen him smile yet? | 32 Reasons Robert Downey Jr. Is The Most Perfect Man In The Universe

32 Reasons Why Robert Downey Jr is the Most Perfect Man in the Universe<< literally swooned going through this list Arnold Arnold Heuring aren't you an RDJ fan too?