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That red head fact isn't true I'm a read head and I'm 12 so I will be one of the only redheads left and my children will be red heads because red hair is a strong gene

The Power Rangers theme song.

Funny pictures about Most useful random fact. Oh, and cool pics about Most useful random fact. Also, Most useful random fact.

Die Welt Verstehen : Atlas of Prejustice

Atlas de los prejuicios, 20 ways to slice the European continent from Atlas of Prejudice 2 by Yanko Tsvetkov.

Actually, theoretically, if you have a superior parietal lobe, you could create possible scenarios and therefore faces. Einstein did so, and he had a far larger than normal parietal lobe.

Very interesting because I am constantly seeing faces/people in my dreams and some I have no idea who they are

Pinning this to music just for the first one

Very interesting facts. Aside from the one about Rihanna that one's just funny

I did not I ow where to put his one it was funny but someone died so it is still sad

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Well then

WTF fun fact-- The pain that women experience while giving birth is considered to be similar to getting burned alive.just reminded me why I take birth control!