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Asked a friend for a newspaper. He told me to get with the times, and handed me his iPad. That fly never saw it coming!

A cynic's love story

Haha so true. that is soooo funny.but maybe just maybe the girl had already fallen out of love with the boy and was really kinda glad it happened. Thank you slut.

Oh Maxine, you make me giggle.

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New favorite palindrome: Dammit I'm Mad spelled backwards is Dammit I'm Mad

Wine humor

Write a Radio Play

Wine does this, not a man. Wine does this, not a man. Wine does this, not a man.

Well i'm not one to laugh at everyone that makes a mistake. However when it makes it to print, it's worth the LOL

Funny pictures about Keep Practicing Mississippi. Oh, and cool pics about Keep Practicing Mississippi. Also, Keep Practicing Mississippi photos.


today, 2 year olds can unlock an iphone, open and close their favourite apps all by themselves. when i was that age, i was eating dirt


I tried to login on my iPad, turns out it was an Etch a Sketch and I don't own an iPad. Also, I'm out of wine. - Funny jokes for wine lovers

Nagging In reality: Her nagging means she cares and still has hope. Her silence means that she's been disappointed by you so often, that she knows it's useless to care. Beware the silence.


Frankly Autocorrect, I’m getting a bit tired of your shirt… yep that's me right there

'Twas I Who Done It!

The web is an inexhaustible mine of funny pictures, with millions of people looking for their daily dose of laughter. In this post you will find 20 images that will make you laugh every single time…

#Unicorn twilight sparkle, you're my bitch.

Unicorns are awesome. Im awesome. Therefore I am a unicorn lol