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There's no Homework in Finland Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Education category. Check out There's no Homework in Finland now!

Chets Creek Elementary is a K-5 professional learning community with 1,300 learners in Jacksonville, FL. Coaching Chronicles was first created when I served as the school's Instructional Coach (2004-2011). I have since served as a third grade learning leader(2011-2013), and am now the school's Assistant Principal. Regardless of my role, this blog shares snippets of our learning journey and Creek Life.

In third grade, students will learn how to multiply and divide. We have two doors in our classroom designated to record student progress. As they master a set, they will get to "sign the door." Could also use when they master Rainbow Words lists.

Displaying Student Work

Displaying Student Work

Next year I want a place to DISPLAY STUDENT WORK! Using clothespins, scrapbook paper and ribbon to make a great display for kids' work. Super glue push pins on the back of the clothespins.

First day of school ideas aimed at Middle School.

Her First Day of School is great! She provides a plan and some wonderful activities!it's written for middle school. I like the post-it note activity.

Organize Drawers -- 11 Ways to Organize with Washi Tape :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

Or use ikea drawer organizers - Custom Teacher Desk Organizers--use cardboard jewelry boxes and washi tape (I'd use scrapbook paper, way faster than sticking the tape down w/ the patterns lined up)

Celebrate fall with your students by creating a bulletin board design similar to this one. Dollar Tree carries a variety of bulletin board borders, as well as construction paper to create scenes just like this!

Fall In Love With Learning! - Fall Bulletin Board Idea

September-bulletin board-"Fall In Love With ______" is a popular title for an autumn bulletin board display. This teacher has added student photos inside the leaves (along the top and right) and her tree and pumpkin patch are very eye-catching.

This would be awesome to put in the classroom and have the students list their goals for the future :)

Summer and End of the Year Bulletin Board Idea Maybe. "YOUR future is so bright WE have to wear shades!" Pics of teachers in sunglasses. by tamera