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Yup. Totally

ohh yes.I am a teenager and I still get excited for pixar/disney movies


Funny Friendship Ecard: You're only as cool as the friends you hang out with . And I'm awesome You're welcome.

The more I attempt NOT to say it, the more I say it.

The worst...

"every time I use the word "LIKE" as a filler, I hate myself a little bit more." I can't "LIKE" stop laughing!


This is one of the most accurate things I have ever seen. The only thing that doesn't work for me is naps, not a nap person.<<<the only thing wrong with this is Taco Bell. Not really a fan of Taco Bell

When I was little I remember my mom would tell me to put my baby teeth under my pillow. As I got older I realized my mom was putting my baby teeth in a small jar.

If your parents call you a liar remind them about the tooth Fairy and santa claus then walk away like a boss


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