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Animal Rescue : Faith in humanity Restored

Animal Rescue : Faith in humanity Restored - "Nature is cruel, but we don't have to be" Temple Grandin

Look at those eyes. That animal is scared to death. Yet some humans are so hypocritical they can't see past their item selfishness and face reality on how terrified animals are and how they love just as Much as us.

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Veganism isn't something people get into to piss people off. It's something you live as to promote wellbeing and protection to those that don't have a voice.

Sorry but there's nothing to be proud of in wearing fur or animal skin. They should be where they are meant to be and where they belong, with the animals.

No Fur! - Don´t buy fur. You´re not a caveperson. You don't need it for warmth.

all living beings deserve to live.....not be used as commodity, entertainment, clothing, etc...

all living beings deserve to live.not be used as commodity, entertainment, clothing, etc.

Please repin! Help elephants and other animals escape the cruelty caused by circuses like #ringlingbrothers. You can make a difference!!!

Prevent Cruelty @ Ringling Brothers

Ringling's Cruelty Exposed Infographic I hate to see animals in this kind of captivity. I love elephants but when I see them at carnivals or circuses I steer clear.

It takes an extremely ugly and heartless person to wear fur, knowing what animals go through for it.  The thought is sickening... :(

I just signed the petition to Ban Fur Farms at Shop For Your Cause. Please sign and help us make this change.

Anti-Fur  Lindsey...not surprised, Mariah, wtf, very disappointed... Stupid stupid people... Did I mention STUPID?!!.

Fur hag Maria Carey and Lindsey Lohan. Other ones are Jennifer Lopes, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, 50 Cent and Kanye West. May they all die screaming.

D△WN, Fur, Ingrid Newkirk Speech, Greyhounds Imprisoned, Neglected, Animal Welfare, "Big Lick" Horse Show, Animal Crimes, Feld Entertainment, Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, Animal Cruelty,SHARE Act (Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act), (H.R. 3668) & much more to report this week!

Never buy fur - Animal Defenders International (ADI) recently released a short film titled “A LIFETIME” that tells the story of two foxes, brothers Borys and Eryk, born and killed on a Polish fur farm.

"Speciesism" - The choice to love one type of animal as a family member, yet mistreat, kill, and eat another.

12 Pictures That Prove Dogs and Pigs are the Dream Pet Team

Once your heart has resonated with compassion, turning from it to ignore the suffering of another injures you. Go vegan to become a part of the solution.

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Wearing Fur is Ugly and if you wear it, you support Animal Abuse and Animal Cruelty ! Please don't support cruelty and abuse go Fur Free!

Fur farms - just suffering because of money! You may not be able to stop fur farms, but you can stop buying from them. Boycott these horrific places. If no one buys from them, they'll go out of business, and the animals can be free.