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"I took a picture of the cookie, it was so beautiful - I didn't want to eat it.J Posted by thecakerybar on Quollective

Stage 2: Now I Know My ABC’s (roughly 5-7 years old) - This Reading Mama

Stage 2: Now I Know My ABC’s (roughly 5-7 years old

How her trans clients taught this occupational therapy student to care without judgment

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Engagement / Bridal Shower Cookies by Sifts and Giggles  He asked... She said YES! Love a mint , coral and gold wedding

Engagement / Bridal Shower Cookies by Sifts and Giggles He asked. Love a mint , coral and gold wedding

"There's no such thing as fate! How many times must I repeat that?!" Libby ignored him and opened another cookie as they strolled down the street. "'Someone close to you will quit their pointless nagging and just kiss you already.'" She smiled at him. "I'm waiting." His eyebrows shot up. "No way am I kissing you just because a fortune cookie told me so." "Well, what if I told you I made it up?" "Did you?" "Perhaps..."

he leaned over to kiss Meridith next to him. next thing he knew he had a blade under his throat "Don't." She said through gritted teeth "i'm just doing what the fortune cookie said. who am I to stand in the way of fate?

Melt in your mouth cream cheese sugar cookies with almond glaze

{Melt In Your Mouth} Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies

cream cheese sugar cookies I used 2 egg yolks and they are melt in the mouth yummy~ 1 cup sugar 1 cup margarine or butter, softened 3 oz. package of cream cheese tsp Salt tsp Almond extract tsp vanilla extract 2 egg yolks 2 cups all purpose flour

Well, another summer has come and gone — fall is officially here. Fall usually means sweater weather and cookies because we don’t have to face our bikini body for 9 months, but this year I’m adding writing to the list. Whether you’re starting a new story, slaving away at that first draft, or revising your manuscript … … Continue reading →

5 Writing Prompts to Get You Writing Today

Writing Prompt She stared at him, holding her favorite teddy bear in one hand and his pistol in the other. "Hi Dad," she whispered.