I don't ship JohnLock. and this really isn't JohnLock XD<-- love me jawn! Lol why is this so funny:D

Benedict pulls a Freeman

When I read "can you do Martin freeman" my mind went a whole different direction, but I mean the impressions good too even if I got a little excited for nothing

Which one of you is sherlock holmes?

I love Sherlock Holmes in any form! The movies with Robert Downey Jr., TV show with Benedict Cumberbatch, or books by Arthur Conan Doyle!

I told myself I wouldn't cry over fictional characters anymore, and then this happened. This entire speech is probably the best piece of writing in the show so far.

Hayleyyyyyyyy❤️ on

I loved Sherlock's best man speech! "Why are they crying? Did I do it wrong?


How to React When Someone Is Shooting In a Museum

Only Sherlock could pull of the perfect "Are you kidding me?" look and be referring to the safety of skulls, not the fact that someone is trying to kill him.

Oh hey look I never noticed this......w-wall before.....has it always been there??............

John Watson's reaction to Sherlock kissing someone. Also my reaction to people kissing.


it looks like a mini Sherlock. look at the kid in the fourth picture. OMG MYCROFT'S GOT A KID!<<<<No, it's supposed to be john and Sherlock's kid


Sherlock has a military kink, me thinks. This would also imply he thinks of himself as a nice girl