This Is What Disney Characters Would Look Like In The Modern World Here's the thing, he's from How To Train Your Dragon.that's Dreamworks, not Disney << Honestly don't care, I love Hiccup too much to care if he's Disney or Dreamworks! Love this anyway!

Resultado de imagen para jack frost y elsa con ropa moderna

Read Personajes from the story El Criminal Y La Alumna Book by (Aimee Nicole Medina Baltazar) with reads.

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Collection of gender swapped cartoon characters by Sakimi Chan. Jack and Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) Love!

Jirka Vinse es un ilustrador y diseñador gráfico que reside en Helsinki que ha dibujado a personajes de Disney con un realismo asombroso. Disney Interact...

Los dibujos hiperrealistas de los personajes Disney realizados por Jirka Vinse

Could not resist by Milady666 on DeviantArt --- I DIDNT THINK ABOUT THIS, BUT NOW I SHIP IT!! FREGO!!! :D

Could not resist by on DeviantArt GoGo and Fred. At first I thought it was a little weird, but it's growing on me. Makes me think of Beast Boy and Raven!<<<Add this to my list of ships