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Last Yoik in Saami Forests (part 1 of

Sami child in traditional costume.

Lapp Child in Traditional Dress, Lappland, Finland

The colors and style indicate where he's from, martial status, occupation, and family. Sámi people don't call themselves Lapps or similar. The Sámi are the people, and Sápmi is the land.

A Lapp family in Norway, 1951 - Robert Capa

Robert Capa in colour sheds new light on a black-and-white master

Lapp family, Norway, Robert Capa/International Center of Photography/Magnum Photo

close up of reindeer harness by professorella13, via Flickr

close up of Sami reindeer harness Finland

FolkCostume&Embroidery: Overview of Saami costume

Sami costume: a northern Sami man wearing the pointed cap and reindeer leggings…

* The Saami - Sami - Sami *: Saami metal embroidery, belts, purses and bone ornament decor - Sami wire embroidery, belts, bags and bone decorations

*The Saami - Samisk - Sámi*: Saami bone needle cases

Google Image Result for http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/42/Sami_family_Finland_1936.jpg

Nomad Sami Finland - White Wolf : Rare, old photos of indigenous Sami people showcase their ancient and traditional way of life

Bands wrapped around ankles as ties

FolkCostume&Embroidery (blue): Overview of Saami costume

Last Yoik in Saami Forests? A video documentary for the UN, produced by the Saami Council. http://www.saamicouncil.net.  Made by Signs of Life (http://www.elonmerkki.net)

Last Yoik in Saami Forests?

strap Saami people

strap Saami people

A Lapp reindeer breeder from Inari. Finland's Lapps have maintained a separate cultural identity.

Let's Go Geography for Kids

Noitarumpujen kuviot Skandinaviassa

Shaman´s drum symbols in Scandinavia

*The Saami - Samisk - Sámi*: The Ancient Gods of the Sami – De gamle samiske gudene

*The Saami - Samisk - Sámi*: Coastal Sami - Kystsamer - Boats - Båter & Gakti

Sami lucky pendant by Lena Lundin Skott, Sweden

Sami lucky pendant by Lena Lundin Skott, Sweden

#Jokkmokk #ScanAdventures

#Jokkmokk #ScanAdventures

FolkCostume&Embroidery: Search results for russian

Overview of Saami costume Lule Saami woman