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hero of sweethearts by Socks-and-Notebooks.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt....this is the cutest friggin thing

I don't ship Nepeta and Karkat, but this is adorable ( also Equis's said Soulmate so.

"I dated a vampire before Bella." So True Rose <-- Edward isn't a vampire. He's a douche bag.

"I dated a vampire before Bella." So True Rose also dated a vampire better than any in Twilight.< Rosemary is the best vampire/human relationship ever.

im gonna repin this to see what happens and what he is pointing at

Karkat - Homestuck - What is Karkat pointing at? For me he's pointing at a dancing Jensen Ackles.

Kanaya/Rose – 330 фотографій

Kanaya/Rose <== Looks like Dave is thinking about kissing Karkat

Jade looks so good like that and i realy wish i could jump…

John Strider, Dave Egbert, Rose Harley and Jade Lalonde. This makes me somewhat uncomfortable.