KUUNSÄTEESSÄ: Ihanat Thaimaan kukat

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poppies are my favorite!

A field of poppies . and I love poppies. Great in mass, but sad when they go dormant in early summer. I always have poppies but in small clumps so I can hide the bare spot when dormant.


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Hepatica Nobilis - some botanists include Hepatica within a wider interpretation of Anemone

Song of Solomon 4:7English Standard Version (ESV)  7 You are altogether beautiful, my love;     there is no flaw in you

White lotus- symbolic in Buddhism as a state of awakening. Part of me wants white ink.

Hepatica nobilis jaterník podléška

Browse my pictures of purple flowers to aid you in plant selection. Like blue blossoms, this bloom color has a soothing effect.

Magnolia Tulip Tree / La vie en rose

Fond memories - My MeMe had a Japanese Magnolia tree in her front yard. I promice myself this springs I am planting Lady Magnolia Tree just like this one !

https://flic.kr/p/Q9Z28g | Lubiini

https://flic.kr/p/Q9Z28g | Lubiini

KUUNSÄTEESSÄ: Ihanat Thaimaan kukat

KUUNSÄTEESSÄ: Ihanat Thaimaan kukat