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Taste of Beirut – Milk and bread pudding (Ashtaliyeh) | Aish El Saraya

Milk and bread pudding (Ashtaliyeh). I call this dessert Aysh el saraya. But believe no matter what you call it, it's so delicious.

Flavors of the Sun: My New Favorite Dessert: Künefe

My New Favorite Dessert: Künefe by Victoria Challancin My love of kunefe isn't new, but my rediscovery of it is. When I lived in the M.

The inner boater in me wants Osmallieh

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تارت التوفي بالتمر - منال العالم

تارت التوفي بالتمر - منال العالم

Bohsalino – Sweet pistachio paste filled with creamy kashta cheese. A Lebanese delicacy!

Bohsalino (Pistachio Paste filled with Kashta Cheese)

Bohsalino reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen and how dedicated she is as a cook and baker. I always watch her prepare this Lebanese dessert when she visits Lebanon. It used to look so complex t.