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Comparative sizes of Russian, Chinese & US fighters

F-35A, F-35B and F-35C

The JSF aircraft design has three variants: conventional takeoff and landing variant for the Air Force, aircraft carrier-suitable variant for the Navy, .

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The Tomcat is a dual-seat variable geometry carrier-launched aircraft developed by Grumman.


General Dynamics Fighting Falcon, Lockheed Martin Raptor and Lockheed Nighthawk: Airplanes Jets Helicopters, Aviation, Military Aircraft, F Fighter Jets

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Ninja Stealth Fighter - video by Hideyoshi on deviantART

Military Rank Chart is good to know

Military Rank Chart - I know almost all of the Officer ranks/insignia now but this helps for enlisted! So handy!

wings........Reminds me of ANGEL FLIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!

***A Pair of Firing Their Flares. Also Known As "Angels of Death" *** Amazing Pictures